Making a difference isn't just charity, it's connecting to the community and the individuals who live within it.

As Odd Fellows we engage in many activities to make a difference in our community. Much of what we do isn't publicized because that's not what we're after. We do good works because they need to be done and we give of our time, talent and resources as the needs of the time demand. We do contribute to larger statewide and national Odd Fellows charitable programs, but we don't limit our involvement to charity drives and writing checks. To truly make a difference means being involved.

One thing that did make the news is the free office space we provide to the Gold Star Mothers of West Virginia to open the first office dedicated to Gold Star families in the United States. While the publicity ended when the office opened, we still provide that free space all utilities included and also support various programs in which they are engaged. Making a difference means sticking with things and seeing them through, even when the world at large has lost interest.